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Engagement in Local Preventative Healthcare Initiatives

The leading cause of mortality around the world are long-term conditions that can’t be transferred between people, such as diabetes. These are known as non-communicable diseases or NCDs. Most of these deaths, around 80%, take place in low or middle-income countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lifestyle changes are needed to prevent NCDs such as healthy eating habits, regular exercise and the reduction or elimination of tobacco and alcohol is needed.

In addition, many children and women die each year due to preventable causes or known healthcare interventions that haven’t been actioned properly or in time. Coaching mothers, parents and other caregivers on how to implement preventative practices can help put a stop to this tragedy.

We work with communities around the world facilitating their engagement in local preventative healthcare initiatives. Some of our projects include participating in workshops on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs, Emergency First Response (EFR), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR), sports and nutrition.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Maternal, prenatal, infant and toddler health workshops in Fiji in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

  • Assist local healthcare workers with data collection and management in Fiji in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

  • Sports workshops in South Africa in collaboration with local schools

  • EFR, including CPR, workshops in Ghana in collaboration with local schools and community organisations

  • WASH workshops in Nepal in collaboration with local schools and community organisations

  • WASH workshops in Thailand in collaboration with local schools and community organisations


community members earned their emergency first response (EFR) qualification in 2018


WASH workshops conducted with community caregivers and children in Nepal in 2018


people who menstruate received Days for Girls (DGF) menstruation kits in 2018

Where you can contribute

Immerse yourself in the local culture and gain valuable teaching experience while you contribute to sustainable development projects.
Teach English and create awareness around preventative health practices.
Get involved in education and childhood development projects whilst exploring the vibrant culture of Kerala
Provide long-term assistance towards sustainable development projects and discover India.
Complete a women’s empowerment internships abroad in Laos.
Volunteer to provide much-needed public health support in Nepal.
Teach English amongst the Himalayas in support of community education programs in Nepal
Teach English to children in Southern Thailand.
Improve health and well-being in the community of Ban Nam Khem in Southern Thailand through education.