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According to the United Nations, more than half of the world’s children lack basic reading and maths skills. In addition, nearly eight million adults, mostly women, can’t read. Plus, individuals from a low-income context are more likely to lack digital literacy.

Any kind of illiteracy makes it difficult for someone to access freely or cheaply available essential services, such as information related to healthcare, financing or local politics. It also makes pursuing further academic or economic opportunities very challenging.

We support children, teens and adults with increasing their English, maths, digital and business skills and place special emphasis on assisting girls and women.

Our teams work with local schools to ensure that children reach the learning objectives set in the local curriculum. We also work with extracurricular learning facilities. Here, we provide additional educational resources to support the learning of local curriculum subjects. We also provide resources for learning subjects and skills not taught in the local curriculum that might nonetheless be of academic or economic value to invidivuals.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Computer skills classes for children in Laos in collaboration with local Buddhist temple schools

  • Maths tutoring for children in South Africa in collaboration with local schools

  • English language lessons in Thailand in collaboration with local schools

  • Early childhood education in Nepal in collaboration with local schools

  • English for business workshops in Peru in collaboration with local communities

  • Business skills workshops for women in India in collaboration with local communities


pre-primary aged children received foundational educational support in 2018


adults received skills training or educational support from our work in 2018


Information technology classes in Cape Town with local schools in 2018

Where you can contribute

Help children grow and discover their full potential when you join us in Siem Reap to assist in improving the social and educational landscape.
Contribute to the education of the Buddhist monks and local children of Siem Reap while being immersed in the Cambodian culture and gaining hands-on teaching experience.
Experience a cultural fusion when you volunteer in South Asia on critical childcare initiatives
Make an impact and hike the Himalayas with other teen volunteers.
Volunteer to provide much-needed public health support in Nepal.
Teach English to children in Southern Thailand.
Improve health and well-being in the community of Ban Nam Khem in Southern Thailand through education.