10 critical global issues

A Focus on 10 Critical Global Issues

01 February 2023

Meeting the challenge of global issues head-on, we’ve pinpointed 10 key themes that serve as the core of our mission. These themes guide our strategies, intertwining biodiversity conservation, livelihood improvement and a commitment to inclusivity, especially for marginalised groups.

These 10 critical themes aren’t just guiding principles; they’re practical hubs around which participants in our programs build specific knowledge and engage in research projects. They offer a dynamic framework for developing skills, running awareness campaigns and directing efforts to make a positive impact in participants’ home communities upon their return.

Our conservation programs are carefully crafted to allocate resources effectively, focusing on issues like plastic pollution, climate change, endangered species, biodiversity loss and sustainability. Our community development initiatives zero in on early childhood development, comprehensive education, gender equality, health and the promotion of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

By aligning our work with these 10 critical global themes, we’re not just aiming for change – we’re fostering meaningful and sustainable transformation.