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Participant Testimonial
Participant Testimonial


The benefits of joining an internship abroad

So, you’re passionate about being part of meaningful community development projects? But figuring out which career path you’d like to pursue in the sustainability sector isn’t always that straightforward.

You’re at the right place. Welcome to GVI community development internships – where you can use your skills to make a difference, gain experience working at one of our international locations, explore which career path is best for you, and get the relevant qualifications and a professional reference to show for it.

Take a look at some of the top benefits of joining an internship abroad with GVI:

Be part of hands-on fieldwork

When you join an internship abroad with GVI, you’ll contribute to genuine community efforts on the ground. You’ll use your skills, expertise and interests to help initiate project ideas, and empower existing initiatives to ensure a maximum social impact. 

Want to experience the realities of grassroots community efforts outside of the pages of your books? Well, community development programs with GVI are definitely not a spectator activity – you’ll roll up your sleeves and get involved in various inspiring initiatives.

Empower locally-led projects

GVI doesn’t operate in a silo, and we don’t believe in doing things on our own. All our community development projects are run in partnership with NGOs, schools or government organisations in the locations where our hubs are based. 

During your internship, you’ll work on projects that address existing challenges that have been identified as priorities by local organisations and community members themselves. You’ll be strengthening their efforts, and in the process, becoming part of the broader solution to create a better future.

Develop personally and professionally

Our internship programs are designed to give you impressive qualifications and sought-after soft skills that are relevant and needed in the job market. You can add all of this – your new skills, international experience and accredited certificates – to your cover letters, CV and LinkedIn profile to give you that boost you need to stand out.

We know that choosing a career is a big deal, and that it can be intimidating to make such a big decision on your own. That’s why GVI’s internship programs include career guidance sessions with an experienced mentor to help you understand your options in the sustainable development space.

You’ll get the following:

  • internship certificate
  • subject area foundation certificate
  • leading for impact certificate
  • careers in sustainable development certificate
  • one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • advanced leadership training
  • job portal access
  • career coaching sessions
  • LinkedIn reference.


Use your specific skills

We love matching participants with community projects where everyone benefits. You get the chance to use your unique skills and expertise to strengthen local efforts that would value your specific skill sets.

Whether you’re passionate about specific topics, such as women’s empowerment or education, or can offer practical skills such as building, teaching, conducting research or even offering self-defence classes, we can find the best program for you.

Chat with our team about what you’d love to contribute to during your community development internship abroad, and they’ll give you a selection of inspiring program options to choose from.

Contribute to long-term impact

Partnering with community development internships that enable long-term impact is crucial to ensuring systemic change. Temporary programs may provide immediate relief, but they often fail to address the root cause of the problem. 

GVI has permanent staff and permanent bases all around the world to ensure that our programs and partnerships with local organisations are continuous. 

When you join a GVI internship, you’re guaranteed to be part of something truly meaningful and impactful. You’ll work with local organisations and real partners on hands-on community development work that’s aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

See the world responsibly

Joining an internship abroad with GVI is one of the best ways to ensure you travel in an ethical and responsible way. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the community in a meaningful way through programs that deeply respect the local culture, customs and traditions.

The GVI team partners with locals to curate truly authentic experiences that promote cultural exchange and support local businesses and initiatives. With our programs, you’ll never exploit the local culture or cause harm to the environment, wildlife or community. 

You’ll get the rare chance to build new relationships, get to know a new and unique way of living and feel part of the community – and something bigger than yourself.

We also train all our staff and participants in responsible travel and development best practices – including our robust child protection policies that are applied across our programs. Our ethics support principles of human, economic, intellectual, environmental and cultural empowerment. And all GVI program objectives are aligned with the 17 UN SDGs. We’re dedicated to making an impact, ethically.

Types of internship programs

Keen to join an internship abroad that combines cultural and community immersion with impactful projects and learning experiences – all rooted in the UN SDGs?

By joining an internship with GVI, you’ll grow your personal and professional skills and contribute to real community challenges by co-creating sustainable solutions. It also helps you to figure out if careers in teaching, early childhood development, public health or other social impact areas are what you actually want to pursue.

Here are some of the community development internship types that GVI offers:



Talk to us to find your type

If you’re not entirely sure what type of program you need to join, get in touch with our team! We’d be happy to talk you through the options and answer any questions you might have. You can also request to connect with our alumni who’ve done specific internship types, to get an idea of what it’s really like.

Where can I intern abroad?

As an intern, you get the amazing chance to travel to one of our incredible international locations across the world. Each country, city and community has its own vibrant culture, traditions, delicious cuisine and landscapes. 

Do you prefer laid-back beach villages, would you love to experience living in the mountains, or would you prefer to intern in a bustling city?


Here are some of the best places to do a community internship with GVI:


If you’re not sure where in the world you want to go, no problem. Our team is on standby to help you with any questions you might have. Submit an enquiry or request a callback, and we’ll be in touch soon! 

Frequently asked questions about community internships abroad

What is the duration of internships?

GVI offers flexible internship durations so you can choose the best fit for your goals.

Internships run from 4–12 weeks, depending on the practical work you’d like to participate in at the GVI base. If you’re looking for a longer internship, you might consider our research fellowship or professional apprenticeship programs.

May I add my GVI internship experience to my CV?

Absolutely! During your internship, you’ll complete a project that solves a real organisation’s problem, which you can add to your resume and discuss with potential employers. 

You’ll also receive accredited certificates and a LinkedIn reference to showcase your accomplishments and the skills you’ve developed.

Can I get a job after my GVI internship? 

Yes, our internships are designed to help you secure an impact-driven job in the sustainability field. GVI has been working in sustainable development for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of what it takes to forge a successful career in this area. 

We provide career support during and after your program, including two career coaching sessions with a remote mentor, access to our online job portal and even a career guarantee for 12-week interns.

Why should I choose a GVI internship abroad?

GVI has decades of experience running sustainable development programs in dozens of countries worldwide. Our team prioritises responsible travel and development best practices, including child protection policies, and our program objectives align with the UN SGDs. 

With our 4-12 week internships, you’ll receive career-boosting training and work experience while making a positive and sustainable impact in the world. Plus, your health and safety are our top priority, and we’ve earned international safety awards for our child protection policies, health guidelines and location risk assessments.

What skills will I learn during my GVI internship abroad?

GVI internships provide a comprehensive training program that covers the following soft and hard skills:

  • leadership
  • project management
  • critical thinking 
  • creativity
  • resiliency
  • time management
  • volunteering
  • cultural awareness
  • interpersonal skills
  • communication
  • teamwork
  • adaptability.

What kind of training and support will I receive during my internship?

You’ll receive pre-departure online training, including an online leadership course and a community specialisation course, to prepare you for your program. 

After completing your internship, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our careers course and receive two career coaching sessions to help you determine your ideal career path, build your personal brand and kickstart your job search.

What if I’m not sure which GVI program to choose?

Our program experts are happy to help you find the perfect program to suit your interests and needs! You can request a callback, give us a call or submit an inquiry, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Don't just travel like a tourist.
Live like a local.

Phang Nga, Thailand

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dawasamu, Fiji

Accra, Ghana

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Pokhara, Nepal

Cape Town, South Africa

Phang Nga, Thailand

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Community projects with local partners

Bureiwai District
Waste management in Fiji

Work with four villages and community members to set up and promote waste management programs.

MDJ Community Centre
Education initiative in Madagascar

Present English language classes to students at different levels and age groups.

Youth empowerment in Cambodia

Provide personal and professional development training to rural youth in Siem Reap.

District Nurse of Dawasamu
Public health initiatives in Fiji

Help raise awareness about health, nutrition, wellbeing and the environment in the villages.

Banteay Srei
Women's empowerment in Cambodia

Help improve the political, economic and psycho-social circumstances of vulnerable women.

Nosy Be Local School
Education project in Madagascar

Assist a small team of teachers who present English language lessons to children and adults.

Bureiwai District
Waste management in Fiji

Work with four villages and community members to set up and promote waste management programs.

MDJ Community Centre
Education initiative in Madagascar

Present English language classes to students at different levels and age groups.

Real community
challenges. Collective
solutions. Lasting
systemic change.

Help our local partners to implement social impact solutions that are guided by our theory of change, and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Grow personally, develop professionally

Leadership skills
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking
  • Resilience
  • Time management
Soft skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
Development skills
  • Community development
  • Group and workshop facilitation
  • Project development and design
  • Measuring impact

Launch your career in social impact

When you complete an internship of 12+ weeks, we guarantee you’ll secure an impact-driven position within 18 months (or we’ll return 50% of your program fee). View our career guarantee.

Careers in Sustainable
Development Certificate
Internship Program
Subject Area
Foundation Certificate
Leading for Impact
Careers in Sustainable
Development Certificate
Internship Program
You'll also get:
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Internship supervisor guidance
  • Advanced leadership training
  • Job portal access
  • Career coaching sessions
  • Career course
  • LinkedIn reference
4–24 weeks

Work remotely on real projects for community partners

4–24 weeks

Conduct qualitative research to enable community solutions

24 weeks

Get a three month placement to work for a community partner