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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Our programs are partnered with locally-led projects that are at the forefront of inclusive, actionable community engagement and development.


We pledge to do good only through meaningful, considered action that can make a proven difference in the world.


Using the UN’s SDGs as a framework, we’re committed to community development solutions that are built to have a lasting, positive impact.

What is public health volunteering all about?


Volunteer in public health projects around the globe with GVI and help communities gain access to clean water, sanitation and information on a variety of health topics such as maternal health, HIV/AIDS awareness and basic nutrition. In low income areas, such as the ones our projects are active in, communities are exposed to greater environmental health risks and thus face a higher risk of illness.

Our public health programs often attract skilled volunteers, but rest assured, although previous experience is advantageous, it is not necessary. Our public health programs are open to all people, from career breakers to students on gap years. An added bonus for students: we offer academic credits to students, ask your Country Expert if you qualify for this. If you are looking to boost your public health career in the right direction, join our diverse community development internships abroad. We also run awesome wildlife or marine conservation, volunteer with children, teaching, animal care, construction or sports programs.

Please note that GVI has a Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy that is implemented on each program. As part of the policy, participants will be required to complete a DPS check, Police Clearance, or a National Background Check where necessary, and to comply with the policy.

Our impact

GVI’s volunteers play a vital part in the success and sustainability of our public health programmes. Without volunteer support, we would be unable to continue making a difference in these communities. Through setting up clinics, providing access to clean water and sanitation, educating local communities and providing capacity, we can make long-term positive impacts on the health of disadvantaged communities.

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