Volunteer in Tanzania

Contribute to community development initiatives in Tanzania.

Travel to Arusha, Tanzania – a gateway to iconic safaris and the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro. Here you can contribute to local volunteer projects, visit Maasai markets and witness wildlife at Arusha National Park. Indulge in the local coffee culture and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of Maasai and Meru cultures. Arusha is more than a city; it’s an adventure waiting to be lived!


Tanzania is recognised for its cultural diversity, encompassing 120 distinct indigenous ethnic groups. Arusha is a key diplomatic centre, serving as the headquarters for the East African Community. The city, hosting international organisations, is a hub that embraces cultural diversity. 

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, watch wildlife migrations, explore the Ngorongoro Crater and take in the laid-back vibes of Zanzibar’s spice markets and pristine beaches. Cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha serve up the perfect mix of modern vibes and cultural experiences. Whether you fancy safaris or immersing in the local scene, Tanzania promises a diverse and captivating experience. 

Our programs

Women’s Empowerment Volunteering in Tanzania

Situated in East Africa, Tanzania boasts diverse landscapes extending from the eastern coastline along the Indian Ocean to the Great Rift Valley in the west. Bordered to the south by Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika, and to the north by Kenya and Uganda, Tanzania shares its western borders with Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Arusha, located in northern Tanzania, is a gateway city near the borders of Kenya. It is close to iconic natural attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Kilimanjaro International Airport is located 45 km from Arusha.


We offer one volunteer opportunity in Tanzania. Our women’s empowerment volunteer program focuses on sustainable income through handcrafted work and eco-friendly fashion. The program enhances community lives through handicraft skills and entrepreneurship. 

You’ll engage in various activities, from graphic design to social media management and weaving skills. No specialised skills are required – just bring your passion for making a lasting impact.


Which languages are spoken in Arusha?

Commonly spoken languages include English and Swahili.

How can I prioritise health and safety?

Check in with your doctor or travel clinic before you head out. Chat about vaccinations, mosquito protection, and make sure you’re up on the local safety guidelines for a smooth and secure visit.

What is the weather like?

Arusha has a temperate climate. Expect mild temperatures with occasional rain. Dress accordingly for comfort.

How can I stay in touch with people back home?

Stay connected using local SIM cards or Wi-Fi at your accommodation. Internet cafes are also available throughout Arusha for easy communication.

What activities can I do in my free time? 

Explore Arusha’s attractions, engage in cultural tours, embark on safaris or kick back and relax at the scenic hot springs.