Ethical volunteering, your way.

GVI Flex – an independent way to make an impact while travelling

We know you’re keen to travel and volunteer with community development programs abroad. But perhaps you’re looking for something that’s not as comprehensive as our hub volunteering programs.

Introducing GVI Flex – a brand new way to make an ethical impact more independently.

We’re stripping it down and keeping it simple. Your volunteer hours are determined by the partner organisation and may vary from full-time to reduced hours. We’re also simplifying activities and benefits to focus on providing only essential GVI support services.

With GVI Flex, you get to choose from new, exciting locations, partners and projects across the world! Along with our community development program in Tanzania, we also offer conservation programs in South Africa and Peru.

Meaningful volunteering is now more accessible than ever.

Are you ready to join GVI Flex for a global adventure? Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, traditions and vibrant communities while living and working abroad. Enjoy the freedom to contribute, explore and experience it all – your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GVI Flex?

What’s included in a GVI Flex volunteer program vs a GVI Hub volunteer program?

Is accommodation included?

Is food included?

How long can I spend on a program?

What can I do in my free time?

Will I get picked up from the airport?

What emergency support is provided?

Do you offer support with visas, flights and insurance?

What support services do you offer?

Will I meet other people on my program?

Can I speak to someone who has done a GVI Flex program before?

Do I need any qualifications, certifications or experiences needed to join an GVI Flex program?

Can I travel with a friend?

Are there any age requirements?

Do I have to complete a criminal background check?

Do you offer any kind of mental health support?

Our ten ethical commitments

At GVI, we’re passionate about running top-quality community development programs in collaboration with local partners across the world..

Over the last 25+ years, we’ve compiled and refined a list of core ethics and best practices we believe are essential to the operation of quality, ethical, safe and sustainable development programs. 

Our ten ethical commitments are implemented across all our programs, and are critical to ensure that your time and money contribute towards positive, lasting change.

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