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Women’s Empowerment Internships Abroad

Join the fight for gender equality

As you’ve grown up and become aware of global issues, you know and feel troubled by the gender inequality women around the world experience. You don’t want anyone to face gender discrimination or struggle to get what they need to live the life they want, and you feel called to contribute to women’s empowerment.

You have the power to do something. 

Join the mission for women’s empowerment


With GVI, you’ll partner with organisations who belong to the communities they work in. This means the work you do as a women’s empowerment intern is guided by the people who best understand what women and girls in their community experience every day and where they most need access to opportunities, resources and support.

Women’s empowerment work helps women and girls to take their rightful place as equal members of society. Our women’s empowerment internships give you a chance to develop yourself both personally and professionally through hands-on field experience working for gender equality. 

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Our programs are partnered with locally-led projects that are at the forefront of inclusive, actionable community engagement and development.


We pledge to do good only through meaningful, considered action that can make a proven difference in the world.


Using the UN’s SDGs as a framework, we’re committed to community development solutions that are built to have a lasting, positive impact.

What are women’s empowerment internships all about?


What does a women’s empowerment internship look like?

On your women’s empowerment internship, you’ll join GVI’s team, your fellow interns, and our expert local partners to affect change right where the community requires it.

A GVI women’s empowerment internship offers you:
  • Hands-on field training for sustainable development, teaching, and conducting workshops.
  • Real-world experience working with women in disadvantaged communities.
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) training.
  • Comprehensive staff mentorship, feedback and evaluation on an individual, self-directed project.
  • Development of collaborative, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills with our GVI Leadership Course.
  • A professional recommendation for future employers upon completion of the course.
  • The potential for field employment following your internship.


Speak to one of our program experts for more details on our women’s empowerment internship programs.

Join a women’s empowerment project abroad

Our women’s empowerment internship programs run in:


Unforgettable travel experiences with purpose

Every one of our locations is majestic. Partnering with community members during your women’s empowerment internship program means meeting experts, colleagues, friends and neighbours through your work. This is where you’ll find community and like minds, and where fellow participants become family. 

Finding your purpose while experiencing a community’s culture and customs in some of the world’s most precious and spectacular places makes for an unforgettable adventure.

While each GVI base offers a unique experience, some highlights include:


Our interns live and work alongside the community in Kokrobite, a small fishing village on the western coast of Ghana’s Greater Accra region. Join them and you’ll help design and lead workshops on bodily autonomy – including health care, reproductive rights and consent, and business and microenterprise for women. You’ll also focus on your own self-directed project focused on gender equality.


Interns in Pokhara, a city on Phewa Lake in central Nepal, live life flanked by breathtaking mountains – this is the gateway to the Himalayas, and a lakeside city on the routist route. Our women’s empowerment internship is partnered with SASANE, a survivor-led organisation who supports survivors of human trafficking. You can run workshops in a range of areas including English, maths and preventative healthcare. You’ll also assist with career development through teaching resume writing and providing vocational support.


Our Madagascar participants are based on biodiversity-rich Nosy Be island, where some of Earth’s most endangered plants and wildlife exist. Women’s empowerment interns here get involved in a range of activities that are vital to the community, including helping with menstrual health education and care kits, and supporting women textile business owners and coffee producers with English lessons and day-to-day needs.

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Build a career in women’s empowerment with us

Our passionate interns focus on empowering women and girls from underserved communities around the world. They do this through joining programs in educational enhancement, healthcare education, and social enterprise and income initiatives. 

Women’s empowerment internships: Expertise matched with soft skills training

Successfully completing your women’s empowerment internship means you will have gained hands-on practical experience and leadership skills, managed your own international travel, and immersed yourself in new languages and cultures. 

The value of experience

The purpose of your women’s empowerment internship is without a doubt to contribute to a mission that is bigger than yourself. This is your life and your chance to help affect real change for women in the world, and you can make that purpose last for the long run in your career. 

Your women’s empowerment internship is also hugely valuable on your resume as you enter university or the job market, or prepare for a career change. 

It speaks to the quality of your soft skills – you can cope in new and challenging situations, adapt quickly and independently, and you are invested in being an active global citizen. All of this, paired with the expertise you acquire in women’s empowerment itself, helps set you apart as you seek a university placement or professional role.

The skills most needed in the world today

Women’s empowerment internship programs can lead to careers in: 

  • economy 
  • law 
  • education
  • women’s rights policy. 


There are few industries not impacted by gender inequality and this experience gives you highly transferable and sustainable skills to meet the global challenge. 

If you are a student and interested in our women’s empowerment internship, be sure to enquire here about receiving academic credit for your program.

You can also chat to one of GVI’s alumni over here. We’ll do our best to pair you with an alum who shares some of your background or interests and who has completed an internship program that appeals to you.

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