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Construction Volunteering Abroad

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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Our programs are partnered with locally-led projects that are at the forefront of inclusive, actionable community engagement and development.


We pledge to do good only through meaningful, considered action that can make a proven difference in the world.


Using the UN’s SDGs as a framework, we’re committed to community development solutions that are built to have a lasting, positive impact.

What’s construction volunteering all about?


Volunteer on sustainable construction projects around the world and help lay the foundations that will set up basic infrastructure in developing communities for years to come. Make a direct, meaningful impact in any of the following countries: 

Fiji, South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Seychelles

  • Help build classrooms and jungle gyms for the local children,
  • Improve sanitation
  • Take part in basic repairs and renovation, or
  • Give an old building a fresh coat of paint.

You can receive academic credits when you intern on one of our  construction programs. Alternatively join a construction internship and enjoy extensive training and mentorship on sustainable building development. You can also join one of our teaching, animal care, public health, or sports programs. We also offer hands-on wildlife and marine conservation volunteer programs and internships that can boost your future career.

Our impact

Our volunteers play a key part in contributing towards our construction project’s goals. GVI aims to address basic human needs and protect those most at risk. 

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